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Cloud Based ERP Accounting Software 

Fully integrated cloud ERP accounting software that provides you with control over your business’ performance and insight into where you’re going next.


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Manage Your Business with our Cloud ERP Software

Staying on top of your incomings and outgoings is vital to your growth and having a fully integrated cloud accounting solution allows you to do just that.

Real-time financial data that is driven by the sales and purchase transactions you’re processing through our cloud ERP software allows you to know; what you’re selling, whether or not it’s profitable and, just as importantly, the bigger picture of how your business is performing.

With each sales and purchase transaction updating your accounts as you go, your P&L and Balance Sheet are transformed from being monthly / yearly checks, into dynamic tools that will help you to manage your business on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

Cloud Accounting Software helps debt management

Debt Management

Managing debtors can be challenging and time-consuming. If you sell to other companies (B2B) and / or offer payment on account options to your customers, then staying on top of your debtors is vital to ensuring that your company flourishes.

Our solution allows you to quickly and easily identify credit risks, process regular debt chasing tasks and identify patterns of debt. With this information to hand, our integrated tools allow you to manage those companies that are challenging, as well as integrating credit control into your Sales Order process. This ensures that the impact of a customer going outside their terms is minimised.

Integrated VAT and EC VAT Reporting Software

Being able to confidently report on VAT, without investing precious time and effort is vital for any rapidly growing business. You want to automatically track all Sales and Purchase transactions, their appropriate Tax Amounts and whether you are due to pay or reclaim tax overall. With our cloud accounting software, we allow you to do just that.

Running and posting your VAT Return just got a whole lot simpler. Leaving more time for the good stuff!

Cloud Accounting Software can make transfers

Easily Manage Day to Day Financial Transactions

In addition to fully integrating your sales and purchase transactions, our cloud accounting system also provides you with the tools to manage your; bank accounts, non-stock purchases and sales (via our SP Ledger) and manual transfers between nominal accounts (Journals).

With every financial transaction running through the Trial Balance that sits at the heart of your accounts, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your finances will always balance.

Why Integrated Cloud ERP Accounting Matters

Integrated Financials means better chance of survival

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Less than half of startups in Britain make it past 5 years. [1]

Integrated financials lessen chances of failure

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Fear of failure holds business back. [2]

Make better decisions with integrated financials

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39% of small businesses in the UK rate themselves as weak at making strategic decisions for their business.[3]

Integrated financials can help small businesses

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500,000 small businesses were created in 2014 alone. [4]

How We Can Help

We’ve been helping retailers grow rapidly and sustainably since 2000. As a result we know how important it is to be able to review, analyse and act on your financial data. It needs to be accurate, up-to-date and, most importantly, it needs to be as hassle-free as possible to generate in the first place. We know that the following elements are vital to being able to successfully control your business’ finances:


Know your margin

Know your margins with integrated financials

At the point of sale you should know whether or not you’re going to make a profit. Pricing is an artform in itself, but for your business to thrive you need to be making decisions based on hard facts, not hunches. Integrated financials mean real-time margin warnings!


Keep your debt days down

Manage cash flow with integrated financials

Cashflow management is one of the biggest reasons behind startups failing and you can stay ahead of the curve by staying on top of your debtors when you have integrated financials. We can help you analyse who the biggest risks are and, as a result, bring your debtor days down. Meaning more available working capital.


Record everything

Everything is recorded with integrated financials

Sales and purchase transactions speak for themselves. Ideally your accounts will be automatically populated on the back of the sales and purchases you raise. But these are just the beginning, make sure that you record all of your ancillary costs using our SP Ledger and Journal features.


Keep compliant

Integrated financials means easier tax returns

Filing your tax return on time will give you peace of mind and ensure that the Revenue aren’t harassing you. Our integrated Tax Register allows you to review and commit your VAT Return as and when you’re ready. Sales and Purchase transactions feed in automatically and make a process that none of us enjoy hassle-free.


Total control with integrated financials

Chart of Accounts

Whether you simply want a pot for your sales, one for your purchases and a third for expenses, or you wish to build up a comprehensive a detailed trial balance, this is vital to providing you with control over your company’s finances. Integrating your Trial Balance into your business management software ensures that you and your team are on top of errors before they hit the accounts. It also provides you with an instant and accurate overview of your company’s finances at any point.

Khaos Control Cloud ticks all of the boxes for the above and more, giving your startup the best chance of being one of the 45% that make it to Year 6. Only by having Integrated Financials, that offer real-time insights into your business, can you start to make quality decisions and plot a safe course through the rocky shores of financial compliance.

[1] Less than half of startups in Britain make it past 5 years.

[2] Fear of failure holds businesses back.

[3] 39% of small businesses in the UK rate themselves as weak when it comes to making strategic decisions for their business..

[4] 500,000 small business created in 2014 alone.

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