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Control Your Financials

55% of startups in the UK fail within their first 5 years’ trading[1]. Without controlling your business’ core financial figures, you risk becoming one of the 55%.

Integrated accounting is often overlooked as being a key requirement when selecting Cloud ERP software. When you're growing a business it can be easy to focus on the things that you enjoy. And let's be honest, most of us don't love getting our heads into margins, underlying trends and tax returns.

It's much more fun to focus on the next marketing campaign. On creating and sourcing new products. On improving your website. On coaching your colleagues to success. You're certain to have a long list of things you'd much rather be doing in your business than making sure your accounts are up to date.

That's where we come in. We've been helping retailers grow rapidly and sustainably since 2000. Our Cloud ERP software gives you the ability to review, analyse and act upon your financial data, without having to become a book-keeper.

Financial compliance

Complying with the financial rules and regulations that are relevant to your business is the least you should be doing. Khaos Control Cloud enables you to make your journey to compliance as easy as it can be. Whilst we can’t jump through the hoops for you, having all of your data stored centrally in our Cloud ERP means that it’s as simple as it can be for you and your Accountant to be on the same page.

No more hassle of ferrying data around on CDs or Memory Sticks. No need to pay for someone to come in for the day and tidy up your Nominal Accounts and Bank Reconciliation. If your accountant needs access, then they can log in from their office. All the data they’ll need has already been recorded and the key tools for controlling your accounts are already in place.

Insufficient finance

We don’t provide finance, preferring to stick to what we know – developing awesome software and delivering fantastic support – but we do know that Insufficient Finance is one of the biggest hurdles that new businesses encounter during their first five years’ trading.

We also know that it’s a lot easier to get funding if you’ve got a solid system in place that enables you to accurately report on – and forecast – your costs and revenues. This is why Accounts have been an integral element of our ERP on the Go from Day One.

Uncontrolled costs

Control and efficiency through automation. That’s what we do here at Khaos Control Solutions Ltd. And that’s what Khaos Control Cloud delivers. A lack of control, especially in the case of uncontrolled costs, will kill a business, regardless of how great the founding concept is.

Our Mobile ERP’s Accounts functionality is fully embedded, which means that you are always in control. Purchases and sales hit your accounts as soon as they are issued. General business costs feed into the same Trial Balance and show up on your Profit & Loss and your Balance Sheet instantly.

To cap it all, we enable you to review, record and analyse your accounts data on any device with an internet connection, so you need never be out of the loop.

Take control of your business’ finances today and contact us to ensure that you don’t end up being one of the 45%!

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