How our ERP software can help | Benefits of cloud based ERP

Our ERP Software is world class and completely browser based. It can be used anywhere at any time.

For those not familiar with the term ERP, we’ve compiled a little description to aid your understanding…

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and first came into use in the 1990s, as solutions that had previously been focused on a single business challenge, looked to provide systems that covered all of the key functions within a business. Khaos Control is an ERP Software solution that automates and simplifies processes for SME business, allowing them to focus on growth and sustainable success.


By Planning your Enterprise’s Resources with our ERP software system, you are effectively getting a handle on your stock holding at various sites, being in control of your financials and knowing your customers, through CRM, sales order processing and promotions. Not to mention being able to control your entire supplier chain management, via purchase orders, reordering tools and supply chain management control.


Our ERP software is the next evolutionary step, delivering business automation and simplification to your browser. Wherever you are. Whenever you want. Delivering this experience within your internet browser allowing us to adopt a ‘pay as you go’ approach, removing the three major barriers to companies deciding to use ERP software for their enterprise:

Erp software - something that can help you reduce business costs

1. Cost

erp software - no need for expensive IT departments

2. IT Infrastructure

Erp software - reduced training fees

3. Training and Consultancy fees

Your business anytime, anywhere, on any device. Our ERP business management solution is one of a very small percentage to be truly mobile compliant in the world.

Browser based ERP software – the future of software

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In 2014 4% of businesses implemented a cloud-based solution. In 2015 it was 33%. Make sure that you’re not left behind in .

erp software - improved security through best practice

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94% of SMBs that have moved their business management to the cloud have reported that their security has improved.

erp software - reduced IT costs, hardware and personnel

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Reduce your need for in-house IT personnel and expensive hardware, giving you more resources to spend on the good stuff!

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What will your ERP software do for me?

If you own, lead, or manage a retail business and you are selling online, then you will already know that there are limits to how far you can go without proper clarity and control of your business. Without having data controlled correctly everything will devolve into chaos. Without the clarity, you’ll be running around in circles not managing to plot your growth trajectory. Khaos Control offer ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), that put you firmly in control of you activities.


Khaos Control ERP will automate and simplify your key business processes, including; receiving, processing and fulfilling customer orders; maintaining accurate stock levels and inventory data; ensuring financial compliance; managing your supply chain.

If you’d like to learn more check out the infographic we’ve put together below:

Our erp system infographic


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