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Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software enables businesses to manage and run all of their key functions such as stock control from a single piece of software. The availability of high-speed mobile data connectivity and the continued rise of mobile devices mean that Mobile is the natural next step in the evolution of ERP software.

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What is Mobile Business Software?

To cut to the chase, a mobile business system puts your business in the palm of your hand.

Simple eh? Well, not quite.

Mobile software is not just about rolling out an application that users can synchronise data to and refer to whilst they’re out and about.

Mobile business system provides access 24/7

Mobile systems are about complete access to your inventoryCustomer and Financial data, wherever you are.

Mobile business systems have the same functionality as the computer

Mobile business software is about having access to the same tools and functionality on your Phone as you have when you are at your desk.

Your mobile business system is available day or night

Mobile business software is about access to your data from any device, at any time day or night, without having to worry about configuring complex and potentially insecure communication protocols.

Mobile business systems on the go

Mobile business systems are about being able to drive your business forward whilst you are on the go.

Mobile business software on Your Tablet & Mobile Device

ERP on Your Tablet & Mobile Device

There are few things more frustrating than a ‘cloud’ application not working as you expect once you get it on your Tablet or your Phone. Drop-downs that don’t respond, data running off the screen, navigation that doesn’t work, these are all common issues with cloud applications that have only been designed with desktop browsers in mind.

Mobile ERP Software has to be designed and developed, from the ground up, with Tablets, Phones and other mobile devices in mind. If it isn’t, then it simple isn’t portable and rather than being a driver for growth in your business, your mobile business software becomes a millstone.

Khaos Control Cloud has been – and continues to be – designed and developed to work on any device. That’s not just a case of ensuring that you have access to all of the functionality on our mobile business software on any device. It’s about every developer, designer and tester in our team living and dying by creating an experience that is as powerful and easy to use on your Phone or Tablet as it is on your Computer.

Data and how it transforms your Mobile Business System

Data and How It Transforms Your Mobile Business Software

Access to real-time data is the beating heart of truly mobile business solutions.

Beautiful interfaces and design are necessary, but they are nothing without live, accurate business data to back them up. Rather than going down the route of developing an ‘App’ that synchronises data to and from your local device, we’ve focused on creating a mobile business system that serves live data, to any device, quickly and securely.

This means that the KPIs, customer interactions and other data that you interact with on your device are the same as your colleagues in the office are working with. No waiting for ‘syncs’ to run or for your IT Support team to check whether the tasks are still running on the server. You and your team are on the same page all day, every day.

Access to live data from any device at any time isn’t just transformative for you and your management team. Think about the difference live CRM and stock control data can make to your sales team when they’re on site with a customer. Think about the flexibility this will give your customer service team when dealing with out of hours enquiries. Keen to offer remote working opportunities to your colleagues but struggled to make the IT side of things work with your key systems? Job done!

Live data, served to any device, at any time day or night. When you’re weighing them up, this has to be one of a mobile business system’s key benefits.

Procurement on Your Mobile Business System

Procurement on Your Mobile

Procurement is one of the biggest challenges that faces any rapidly growing business. Keeping up with demand whilst also making the right calls on new product lines is a complex balancing act. Part black magic, part data science, part detailed research, combined with gut instinct.

How can having your business’ stock control software solution on your Tablet or Phone help?
Imagine the scenario. You’re on a buying trip, let’s say in the Far East, and you’re getting into detailed negotiations with a manufacturer you’re considering. ERP on the go means that you can drill straight into margins, costs, profitability and much more besides without having to leave your meeting.

There’s no need to compile every last scrap of data into the mother of all spreadsheets before you get on the plane.
There’s no need to place desperate calls and emails to the office for data and information.

You’ve got all of the facts and figures at your fingertips when you need them in your mobile business system.
As a result you can make decisions from a position of strength and you can strike deals with confidence.

Integrated Mobile Business System

Integrated Mobile CRM

Being able to access customer data from any device is useful, but it really pays off when that CRM is integrated completely into your portable business system.

Making sure that everyone in the team is on the same page has been at the heart of everything we’ve developed as a company and our integrated mobile CRM is no different. Every customer interaction is recorded and stored in Khaos Control Cloud, ensuring that nothing is missed and that everyone on the team is able to handle any enquiry.

Benefits of Mobile CRM

Any Time

Access to customer data 24/7/365.

Any Time

Quick, Consistent Communication

No need to ‘send a message back to the office’, just update their record in your mobile CRM software.

Quick, Consistent Communication

Any Action

Call up, edit and create data, wherever you are.

Any Action
Seal the deal

Seal the Deal

Easy and complete access to orders and quotations. Order creation and editing can be done face to face with the customer.

Any Device

Any Device

Mobile CRM means you can use any device.



Want to extend your customer services team’s opening hours during peak trading periods? Just make sure they’ve got internet access and the calls are being forwarded to their mobile.

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