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Increase your productivity with cloud based ERP software

No matter what your ambitions for your business are, using cloud based small management business software can help get you there.

Using our cloud ERP software for your small business or SME will seamlessly integrate all aspects of your business, from your accounting to your CRM and supply chain management, giving you complete control of your business.

You’ll be able to operate more efficiently by automating tasks like releasing backorders and dealing with your accounting, refunds and returns. You won’t be slowed down by IT glitches because our hosted environment will be robust and scalable. And if your application does experience a hardware issue, our team of engineers are on hand to help 24/7.

Staff productivity will increase because they will be able to share information easily, whether they are in the warehouse or a shop, handling customer service or keeping the books up to date.

The result? You’ll be able to focus on growing your business.

Make data-driven strategic decisions

Our cloud business management software for SMEs makes it easier to get to grips with the details of your business, while keeping an eye on the bigger picture as well.

You can take guess work out of the equation by using data to make strategic decisions. You’ll have the facts and figures you need to make well informed decisions in real time, from any location, on all aspects of your business. For example, our purchase order management system will help you decide when and how much to order, and which supplier to use. You can also use data to help you set your pricing at a competitive level.

You’ll be able to set up dashboards to measure your performance and track your KPIs, so you can focus on your goals and share these easily with your team. For instance, you can analyse the success of a promotion or the returns rate against a product.

Our CRM system will enable you to truly understand your customers too. If you’re experiencing a high level of returns for instance, Khaos Control Cloud will allow you to segment your data so that you can pinpoint why.

Stay ahead of your competition with ERP software

Keeping your customers happy will help give you the edge over your competition. But that’s not enough, you want to continually grow your client base and in this digital age, technology can make all the difference.

Our partnership with Sage Pay will allow you to take transactions quickly and easily, without having to worry about hidden costs, high fraud rates or the security of your customers’ data.

Using our CRM to understand your customers will enable you to offer them a truly personalised experience that will set you apart from your competition and build brand loyalty.

We are always looking for ways to optimise our business management software and stay at the forefront of the latest innovations, with new features and functionality being released on a monthly basis. As part of your subscription, we’ll automatically upgrade your software and give you instant access to the latest features. So, you’ll have all you need to stay ahead of your competition!

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