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Online & Cloud Based CRM System

With an integrated online CRM system, you can provide the omnichannel experience that your customers demand. Remove the post-its from your next stationary run and fully integrate your customer communication into your processes without having to worry about callbacks and emails being missed thanks to our cloud based CRM software.

Cloud Based CRM Software allows effective communication

Always Online Single Customer View

In today’s omnichannel world, your customer expects a consistent experience whenever they interact with your business, and they expect that experience to be great.  They’re not judging you against your competition.  They’re judging you against the last great retail experience they had.

We will help you to meet and exceed this expectation.  Using our online & cloud based CRM system software, you and your team all have access to your customer management data and will be able to build up a comprehensive picture of their likes, dislikes and order history with you.  No data silos here!

Having direct access to your customers’ order history and CRM with you will allow everyone in your organisation to offer the best possible level of service.  A customer pops into the office to pick up an order they placed on your website?  Not a problem.  A customer wants to run through their last order whilst on your stand at a show?  Again, not a problem.

It all adds up to a great experience, which benefits everyone!

Clear and Consistent Communication with an Online CRM System

Consistent customer communication is vital, especially when following up new sales leads.  Our Communication Log allows you and your team to quickly and easily maintain records of calls made and received, as well as scheduling follow up actions.

The Comm Log on our online CRM provides each member of your team with a personalised view of the customers and leads they’re working with and, most importantly, who they need to contact and when.

Our online & cloud based CRM system on a mobile device

Turning Opportunities into Sales with Online CRM

We know that growing a business can be challenging.  It can be easy to let new opportunities slip by.  Being able to manage your prospects, quotations and customers from a single CRM system ensures that you don’t miss out.

The Comm Log gives you the ability to monitor and review communication with key prospects and customers.

Khaos Control Cloud’s pipeline management allows you and your sales team to weight individual quotations (and therefore your overall pipeline), gather and analyse conversion rate data and review lost opportunities.

All of this means that you can have complete control over your sales pipeline from within your cloud based CRM, whilst being able to pro-actively support your sales team as they pursue new leads and markets for your business.

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