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Courier Software Integration

Integrated courier software save you time, money and effort. It ensures that you can provide a better level of service to your customers thanks to instant access to tracking data and the removal of keying errors.

Courier Software offers the right service at the right rate

Making the Despatch Process Work for You

As your business grows, so will the number of parcels you’re despatching a day. Organising couriers, re-keying order data and tracking references all waste valuable time and increase the risk of introducing errors. Solve these headaches by integrating with the courier(s) that is right for you. Integrations allow for data to be passed automatically to the courier(s) that you’re working with. No more re-keying errors. No more time spent cutting and pasting tracking numbers. The benefits are not only limited to you and your colleagues either. You can further benefit from courier integration by providing your customers with instant access to tracking and courier data. Along with providing an improved level of service you will also benefit from fewer calls, emails and chat sessions chasing up orders. Shipping your goods accurately and efficiently with as little manual intervention as possible is a key element in your customers’ journey with you and will encourage them to return to you, time and again.

Right Service, Right Rate with Integrated Courier Software

Controlling the delivery services you offer and the amounts you charge for them is a vital element in ensuring that every sale is profitable. Khaos Control Cloud allows you to define which courier service to use and how much to charge the customer in a whole range of scenarios, putting you in control without having to worry about checking every individual order’s shipping options. We've now added drop shipping functionality to our software, enabling you to grow your business without needing to invest in warehouse space, and people to pick, pack and despatch your orders.

Khaos Control Cloud integrates with Parcelhub


Parcelhub Integration

Specialising in parcel processing for eCommerce companies, Parcelhub gives SMEs the flexibility and service normally reserved for larger multichannel retailers. Deploying over six million parcels on its carrier contracts annually, Parcelhub connects your business to delivery partners such as: Yodel, Hermes, UK Mail, Parcelforce, UPS and more.

Our courier software integration directly links Khaos Control Cloud to Parcelhub. Through our software, you send the shipping details directly to Parcelhub and their specially configured process will securely route the data to your chosen courier. Once this data is sent, labels will be returned for printing.

DPD Courier Integration

DPD Integration

DPD are an international parcel delivery service specialising in the express road market. Based in Germany, they provide comprehensive and trustworthy service to their customers, delivering an average of 4.8 million parcels worldwide every day.

Our integration allows you to send your shipping details direct to DPD and receive shipping labels back for printing. This eliminates the need to move across to the DPD website and key-in customer data multiple times to receive labels, and ensures that you will have a seamless and effective shipping process.

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Despatch Bay Integration

Despatch Bay works to make fulfilling new orders, arranging shipping and organising returns much easier. Despatch Bay has been designed to save you time, effort and reduce your eCommerce stress. It’s free to create an account, and you only pay for the parcels you ship.

Our integration with Despatch Bay means you can create shipping labels during the despatching process without re-keying errors – important information like address, contact and order data is updated within both Khaos Control Cloud and Despatch Bay at the same time to prevent mistakes.

MetaPack Integration

As a leading provider of Cloud Courier Software to eCommerce companies, MetaPack tracking provides access to more than 300 carriers, across 200 countries, comprising more than 3500 delivery services.

Our integration with MetaPack means that you can produce shipping labels at the click of a button during your despatch process without having to worry about re-keying address, contact and order data.

MetaPack’s solution also ensures that, when you are in a position to work with a range of carriers, you don’t pay a penny more than you need to for delivery. Working off rule sets and criteria that you define, MetaPack will choose the most cost-effective delivery option that meets the guarantee you have given your customer.

Courier Software integrates with MetaPack

3rd Party API for Courier Integration

3rd Party API for Courier Integration

Operating with a courier not covered above? Our 3rd party API has you covered. It opens the doors to all couriers, so you can send your customer data from Khaos Control Cloud straight to whichever courier you like.

The API enables automatic sharing of shipping data with your chosen courier, which allows the associated labels to be printed, and converted sales order information to be processed and sent back for analysing.

Shiptheory Integration

Our integration with Shiptheory enables our customers to access to over 30 couriers from one simple integration.

Shiptheory works with the UK's most popular carriers, including Royal Mail, DPD, Fedex, UPS, Yodel, UK Mail, Parcelforce DHL, TNT and many more. It automates copying and pasting address details, selecting shipping services, updating tracking numbers and printing labels. Shiptheory also allows you to create a set of predefined rules that determine which carrier and service is to be used under which circumstances, which provides our clients with greater courier flexibility to ensure they offer the best service possible to their customers.

ERP Software integrates with Shiptheory

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