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Cloud Customer Management Software

Fed up of having to manually maintain and combine lists, spreadsheets and other data-sets in order to carry out your customer management? Let us help you turn your customers into a powerful and flexible marketing tool that will allow you to provide your customers with relevant content, products and promotions whilst allowing you to quickly and securely manage their data.

Easily manage contacts in Customer Management Software

Classify and Target your Customer Base

Organising your customer base into classifications and types allows for easy management, as well as empowering you to run targeted analysis, marketing campaigns and offers.

Grouping your customers isn’t just about making your life easier, it’s about being able to offer them an excellent experience every time they interact with you.

Company classes allow you to define default information, such as credit terms, payment type, default branding, order processing rules and so on.

Once you’ve grouped your customers you are able to; define specific pricing and promotions, configure rules for managing orders and invoices, analyse sales data and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Easily Manage Addresses and Contacts on The Cloud

Turning customers into advocates for your business relies on delivering an excellent experience every time.  When an order needs to be delivered to a work address, or as a gift, you need a system that will enable you to record and manage that without needlessly duplicating data.

Managing multiple addresses and contacts could not be simpler in Khaos Control Cloud. We let you drill into each address you have for a person quickly and easily.  In addition, all of the mailing, preference and data protection options you need for your contacts are to hand and can be updated quickly and easily.

Duplicate customer data causes you issues on all sorts of levels, from simply getting the goods to the right person in the right location, through to wasting money on duplicate catalogue runs and emails.  We can help you avoid these unnecessary costs and focus on the good stuff.

Customer Management Software gives a quick sales process

Quick and Efficient Customer Creation

Fully integrating your customer data into every part of your sales process ensures that new customers can be created and that existing customers can be updated as you go.  With our cloud customer management software, there’s no need to stop creating a sales order because the customer wishes to ship to a new address, or wants to update their mobile number.

New customers are created quickly and seamlessly whilst you create a new sales order and can also be created independently of an order.

Ensuring that your users don’t create duplicate customer data, we de-dupe on creation and amendment of customers to flag potential issues to you and your users.

Our matching routines are key to improving your customer management. As a result, they also run on order import to prevent unnecessary duplication of customer data and see to it that orders from your various sales channels import against the right customers, first time.

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