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Cloud ERP Dashboard

As an entrepreneur you’re not tied to your desk and you need to be able to see how your business is performing 24/7, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move. Ditch your spreadsheets and manual reports and let our ERP Dashboards keep you in the loop.

Different charts available on ERP Dashboard

Your Business, Your Way

You know your business and what makes it tick.  Using our ERP Dashboard you can constantly monitor your business’ performance.

Slice and dice Sales Orders, Purchases and Returns in order to deliver powerful KPIs and drive growth.

With detailed figures at your fingertips you’ll have the time and energy to focus on growing your business, rather than micro-managing your way through the day.

See at a glance which orders your team has processed so far today, which stages in the pick, pack, despatch cycle they are in, their monetary values and how much stock you were able to allocate to each one.

Be up to date and in contro with ERP Dashboard

Any Where, Any Time, Any Device

With access to your ERP Dashboard wherever and whenever you are, regardless of the mobile device you’re using, you can be up to date and in control whether you’re at your desk, on the move or overseas.

Our responsive interface means that your Dashboard is accessible on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

You’ll never again need to email the office to find out; how they’re getting on in the sales office, how many orders have been shipped today or whether you have hit a glut of returns on a specific product line.

There are many different chart types available on your dashboard to choose from, which gives you total flexibility when it comes to displaying the information that is important to you, in a way to makes the most sense. You are able to set-out your dashboard in any order and have different sizes set for each chart in your collection.

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