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Staying relevant in the digital age 

Embracing new technology and all the benefits it can bring is vital to keeping your business relevant.

If you’re dealing with orders from a range of sources, you may be relying on a mixture of manual and old systems, like spreadsheets, home-grown databases and catalogue management software, that are no longer up to scratch. As a result, you may find you are making more mistakes with your deliveries and losing customers.

Now is the time to upgrade to a cloud based system like Khaos Control Cloud, which will make your daily operations more efficient and cost effective.

Deliver on time, every time with mail order management software

Offering a delivery service that is flexible and reliable is key to operating a mail order service.

Whether that’s being able to offer a range of delivery locations and times, or dealing with periods of high demand.

Cloud computing makes it easy to deliver a seamless service, no matter how your mail order and catalogue customers interact with you. You’ll be able to manage multiple delivery addresses and contacts without duplicating data.

Our invoice manager will enable you to pick, patch and despatch quickly and efficiently by allowing you to set your priorities.

You’ll be able to exceed your customers’ expectations, because it will be easier to carry out routine but essential tasks, like verifying addresses. The system will also automatically choose the best delivery method and set the most appropriate price. You’ll be able to see real-time stock levels, so you won’t unexpectedly run out of product. Automating routine tasks like these will reduce errors and make life easier for you and your team.

Get great reviews from your customers with mail order management

Our cloud-based system makes it easy to integrate all aspects of your business, so all your staff have the information they need to offer a great customer experience.

Great communication is part of offering a professional mail order or catalogue service. By integrating with your customer communications, Khaos Control Cloud allows you to keep your customers informed throughout the order process, particularly at the crucial points of despatch and delivery.

As soon as their package is despatched, a confirmation email can be fired off from any location. Staff won’t need to head back to a central location to do this, they can do it by accessing the application wherever they are, and from any device.

You’ll also have fewer calls from customers looking for tracking information. And when they do get in touch, your staff will have real-time access to the information they need to address any queries. You won’t have to frustrate customers by putting them on hold as you chase down information. Staff will be able to see all your customer data in one place, including vital details like order history and contact information. They’ll also be able to instantly amend details, if necessary. By integrating your CRM with your business management you won’t miss emails or call backs either.

A fully integrated system also makes it easier to apply promotions consistently. It will even make it easier to handle any returns your mail order service generates, because it can automatically send returns directly to your suppliers and even feed into your reordering process.

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