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Deliver a multi channel experience 

Operating a business across multiple channels can get chaotic but it needn’t be when you’re using Khaos Control Cloud.

You’ll have centralised control of every aspect of your business, so you can deliver a great customer experience, no matter how your customer chooses to shop.

Our cloud-based multi channel software seamlessly incorporates a cloud CRM, so you’ll have the single customer view you need to offer exceptional customer service. Operating on the cloud means staff throughout your business can have access to the information they need to help your customers. Whether that means checking online stock levels from the shop floor, or taking an order over the phone.

Plus, as a Sage Pay Platinum partner you can be confident that the payment transactions you are carrying out in our application are secure, no matter where you are.

Understand your customers and your business better

Running a multi channel business can generate a vast amount of data, which can provide a wealth of knowledge, if you have the right system in place to handle it all.

Our multi channel selling software allows you to create reporting dashboards, which bring together data from all of your channels and make it easy to understand what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll have the information you need to optimise the way you run your business, because you’ll be able to analyse conversion rates, margin, profitability and much more, in order to see which channels are performing best.

Our cloud CRM integration will help you understand your customers’ preferences and offer them the kind of personalised experience they have come to expect.

Optimise your order fulfilment

Our software will help you streamline your order fulfilment, so you can handle the load that comes with operating across several channels.

Having all your order information in one place will allow you to prioritise your pick, pack and despatch process, so you can cater for all your channels in the most efficient way. Our integration with the cloud courier software MetaPack will ensure you use the most cost effective and efficient courier. It will also remove the hassle of using a new application and printer for each different courier that you work with.

Our multi channel selling software will allow you to access your stock levels in real time from wherever you are. It will even tell you when you need to reorder.

The system will allow you to sell however you want, whether that’s drop-shipping goods direct to the customer or selling face-to-face. You can also use the application to control stock levels and sales for your eCommerce sites, or marketplaces, like Ebay, Shopify and Amazon.

All your data will be easy to access and export, so integrating with your key partners systems will be effective and simple as multi channel integrations become more common. The results? You’ll impress your customers with your lead times and your level of service. Not just with your products.

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