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Integrated Online Payment Processing

Escape from your PDQ machine or virtual terminal and the data protection issues of having to manually record card details. Our integrated online payment processing software solution allow you to process transactions quickly and easily without having to worry about the headaches that come with handling card data.

Integrated Online Payment Processing Solutions Sage Pay

As a Sage Pay Platinum partner we have more than a decade’s experience of working with one of Europe’s most trusted payment companies in providing online payment processing solutions. Working with more than 50,000 companies, from start-ups to big brands, Sage Pay process millions of secure transactions a month.

We have chosen Sage Pay as our Preferred Payment Partner due to their:

  • Robust infrastructure

  • Secure, tokenised, solution

  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance

  • Excellent Support

  • Competitive and straight-forward pricing structure

Enabling Sage Pay integration in your instance of Khaos Control Cloud will provide you with the ability to take and authorise card payments without having to worry about virtual terminals, PDQ machines and other workarounds.

* Please note: additional monthly charges are applicable when using Sage Pay, in addition to costs per transaction from Sage Pay and your Merchant. Please contact us for more information.

Integrated Online Payment Processing Solutions

Seamless Refunds

Our fully integrated online payment solution means that refunds are seamless and painless.  No need to capture the customer’s card details again.  No concerns with regards to PCI DSS and data protection. Just agree what you’re going to do with the customer and then process the refund. Job done and more time for you to spend on the good stuff!


We never handle raw credit card data.  Our integration with Sage Pay uses their hosted technology and we only store the payment token that Sage Pay generate for the transaction.  This means that you get all the benefits of being able to take payments over the phone without the risks that come with handling Card Numbers and other sensitive data.

Online payment processing ensures your customers are protected from fraud


Sage Pay’s hosted payment environment is PCI DSS Level 1 accredited, which provides you with peace of mind with regards to our integrated payment solutions and ensures that your customers are protected against fraud.

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