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Fulfil your customers’ orders as efficiently as possible whilst meeting and exceeding their expectations on delivery with our powerful and flexible warehouse management software. Transform your Pick Pack Despatch process from a daily battle against stress, panic and fear into a planned, ordered and well-oiled operation.

Pick Pack Despatch whatever and whenever you want

Control. Efficiency. Speed.

We’ve been helping to power British Business for nearly two decades and, in that time, we’ve learned that nothing makes a bigger impact on businesses than being able to improve your Pick Pack Despatch process.  We know that:

  1. You want your pickers to get it right first time.

  2. You want your packers to deliver an experience for the customer that lives up to your values and their expectations.

  3. You want it all done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our warehouse management software delivers on all this and more.

Pick and Pack What you Want & Despatch When you Want with Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Powerful filters and invoice rules allow you to prioritise your fulfillment.  How and why you do this will vary from business to business.  Whether you prioritise based on when your carriers collect, order value, type of customer, type of product, delivery service selected, to name but a few, we have you covered.

In addition to being able to filter your orders, we also provide you with the ability to automate your priorities, allowing you to build and maintain invoice rules that are specific to the needs of your business.  This brings efficiency and control to your Pick Pack Despatch process without having to worry about time-consuming, manual procedures and interventions.

Efficient Pick Pack Despatch

Back Order Stock Assignment

Lever arch files of printed back orders are a thing of the past!  Join us and experience the pleasure of seeing your back orders automatically released for picking at the point goods are booked into Khaos Control Cloud.

Allow us to help you take back orders with confidence, safe in the knowledge that as soon as your supplier has delivered you’ll have the goods on their way to the customer.

With our stock control software, we can also help you manage and finesse your back orders, should an important order need to take priority, or a supplier let you down.  Managing back orders and part-despatches pro-actively and efficiently takes the stress and mystery out of your fulfillment process and lets you focus on the good stuff!

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Courier Integration

Integrating your courier services is the final piece in the fulfillment jigsaw.  Why waste time and energy re-keying orders into courier software packages when we can hook everything together for you?

We integrate with MetaPack to ensure that you can seamlessly incorporate your carriers into your fulfillment process.  The added efficiency of one-click label printing is matched by completely removing re-keying errors.  Parcels going to the wrong part of the Country thanks to a mis-keyed postcode will be a thing of the past.

* Courier integration is optional and may incur additional monthly charges.  Please contact us for more information on pricing and how this integration will further streamline your pick pack despatch process.

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