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Take the guesswork out of your purchasing decisions. Let our cloud-based procurement and purchase order software help you decide what to order, in what quantity and from which supplier, whilst ensuring that you get the best possible price. With your purchasing process fully integrated into your business management solution, you will also benefit from shorter lead-times and improved customer service on back orders, without the need for laborious manual workarounds.


Goods in and back order management with purchase order system

Manage Purchase Orders on The Cloud

Let us take the hassle out of your purchasing process.  Our easy to use, cloud based purchase order management system allows you to create supplier orders quickly and efficiently.  There’s no need to worry about picking up the right price with our supplier-specific pricing, which puts you on the front foot with your partners.

Managing expected deliveries and amending Purchase Orders as and when your Suppliers update you is also straightforward.  Our On Order List provides you with a high level view of all of your expected deliveries and allows your purchasing and goods in teams to plan their time.

Removing the need to be reactive, purchase order management in our solution allows you to be proactive.

Goods In and Back Order Management

A completely integrated purchasing process means that your back order management benefits, taking light years off your fulfilment process, and that your Goods In team are a proactive, targeted force.

Planning your deliveries to mesh with the personnel you have available is a vital part of ensuring that your operation runs as efficiently as possible and we help you to do just that.  As above, the On Order List provides a dynamic and up-to-date view of the goods that are on order and when they’re expected to arrive.

The goods in process itself allows you to quickly and efficiently book stock in.  Items that are going to release back ordered sales orders are highlighted so that they can be prioritised and, potentially, handled differently.  Booking stock in from the Delivery Note updates stock levels throughout the system and releases back orders, where appropriate.

In addition to helping you manage your back orders, instant stock level updates ensure that all of your sales channels benefit from accurate, up to date stock levels.

Reorder efficiently with purchase order system

Reordering with our cloud purchase order management system

With up to the minute stock levels for all of your products, across all of your sites, combined with your current purchasing and back order data, our cloud purchase order system has all of the data required to help you reorder as efficiently as possible.

Our reordering functionality can also be further enhanced by defining standard reordering data against each product, including Safe and Minimum Levels, Reorder Quantities, Default Lead Time and a Preferred Supplier.

With this data and functionality at your fingertips reordering becomes quick and efficient, allowing you to spend more time on the good stuff.

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