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Turn customer returns and refunds into an opportunity by letting us help you nail the process from start to finish. Generate the word of mouth and excellent reviews that the best retailers thrive on by being able to quickly and easily create, process and manage customer returns, refunds and exchanges using our cloud returns management software.

Cloud returns management software offers

Create, Manage and Track Customer Returns

Customer returns management is a challenge for any business and getting them right can be the difference between keeping a customer for life or losing them at the first hurdle.  You’ve invested a lot in earning that sale, don’t throw it away thanks to a bad returns experience.

We allow you to generate returns quickly and easily, either direct from the customer’s original sales order, or on an ad-hoc basis, as appropriate.

With your returns management fully integrated into the Invoice Manager, it is simple to review and manage returns at a high level, ensuring that any sticking points in the process are highlighted promptly and the customer’s experience is not impacted.

In addition to integrating into your sales order and invoice management processes, returns also hook into Khaos Control Cloud’s customer management functionality. This guarantees a single view of your customer internally and provides you with the ability to offer an omnichannel experience.

Fully integrated refund process in returns management software

Creating and Managing Exchanges

Whilst it is simple to promise the customer a replacement item, delivering on that promise can be challenging without the right solution.  We make your promise easy to keep, with direct (and even indirect) exchanges simple and quick to generate during the Returns Process.

Return Exchange sales orders, balancing credit notes, returned stock booked in and quarantined, we cover it all and more.  This means that the customer’s experience is as good as it can possibly be when exchanging an item and that you have the best possible chance of converting them into an advocate for your brand.

Refunds and Credit Notes

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do but provide the customer with a refund.  If you get to that point with an order, it’s important that you have a solution in place that means you can process the refund as swiftly and effortlessly as possible.

Our fully integrated refund process allows you to generate and process refunds straight from the customer’s original sales order, even up to contacting your Payment Provider to refund the customer’s card.  No double-entry, no need to take the customer’s card details over the phone again and the whole process dealt with amicably and rapidly.  Leaving you more time for the good stuff!

returns management software gathers the right data

Customer Returns Analysis

Returns management isn't just about processing refunds and exchanges.  It's also about understanding what your customers are returning and why.  This is crucial to ensuring that purchasing, handling and other mistakes are avoided in the future.  Our returns management software gathers the relevant data at the point of generating and processing returns and this ensures that you are able to get a detailed and accurate picture of why goods are being returned and whether there are any issues you need to address.

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