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Cloud-based Supplier Management Software

Working with your supply chain doesn’t just mean understanding what will turn up when. Also known as SCM software, we use cloud supplier management software to develop a partnership and a successful relationship with your suppliers while keeping an eye on product data, pricing and returns.

Cloud supply chain management pricing

What Can Cloud SCM Software Do for Me?

Managing supplier data on the cloud gives you an instant and real-time overview of your supplier activities. Keep an eye on returns to your suppliers, track reorder quantities, stay on top of product prices and much more.

And the best part? You’re online using the cloud. Cloud SCM software allows you to access business data safely, on any device and wherever you have an internet connection. With the latest security, online support and up-to-date access to your data, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your supply chain without it.

Supplier Pricing Management on the Cloud

Getting the most out of your suppliers can be a time-consuming and complex process, especially when it comes to pricing. With many different products, different prices and multiple suppliers, keeping track of individual supplier prices can be a real challenge.

Our cloud SCM allows you to create and maintain detailed supplier prices which are then automatically used when you create purchase orders. Management of your supply chain using the cloud takes the pain out of the reordering process and ensures you will always get the right product and importantly you get it at the right price.

Manage multiple suppliers with cloud supply chain management

Keep Track of Supply Chain Product Data

While you can store a huge range of product data, Cloud SCM also gives you the ability to maintain supplier-specific data against products in your inventory.  These can range from supplier references for products, through to supplier-specific reorder quantities.

Management of multiple suppliers for a single item is also straightforward. The preferred supplier functionality in the software means you are no longer limited to only reordering from a single supplier. You and the team now have access to key data, so you can make an educated decision on which supplier you would like to use for each individual product.

All of this data feeds through into the purchasing process, to ensure that you are able to work pro-actively and cooperatively with your suppliers. Supply chain management on the cloud will help you benefit even more from your partnerships.

simple returns in cloud supply chain management

Simple Supplier Returns Management

As with customer returns and refunds, sometimes you have to return goods to your suppliers. This needs to be as efficient and painless as possible and that’s where managing your supply chain using the cloud comes in.

Integrated into the returns and purchasing processes, supplier returns can be generated automatically on the back of a customer return, if the goods are identified as needing to return to the supplier at that point. Plus it’s also possible to raise supplier returns manually.

Once a supplier return is raised and you have had confirmation with regards to whether they will refund and / or exchange the goods, the supply chain management software does the heavy lifting with regards to raising the relevant purchase orders and purchase credits so that you don’t have to. Supplier management software removes the data returns headache and leaves you with more time for the good stuff!

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