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Reach New Heights With Powerful Stock Control Software

View your stock levels, goods in, and dispatched orders in real time on the move. Integrate your stock management with sales, purchasing and finance to connect your staff, suppliers, and customers for an integrated experience like no other.. Khaos Control Cloud ERP is stock control software that delivers on its promises!

Key Features

  • Stock synchronisation – Are you selling online through Amazon, eBay or your website? Our Stock Level Sync will help you maintain an accurate stock level on all your selling platforms with our integrated services.

  • Back order management – Dealing with orders that are awaiting stock can be difficult. Our solution makes light work of this helping you to become more efficient with purchasing and stock allocation.

  • Returns management – Most companies will deal with returns at some stage. Ensure you have a process in place to manage the stock and the customer resolution is imperative.

  • Debt Management – Where a company has an agreed credit limit with you and payment terms, it easy to get lost without a debt management solution. In a matter of clicks you will have complete control with Khaos.

  • Purchasing stock control – How do you know what to buy, how much and when to press the purchase button? With our Reorder Report you will have the power to always be on top of your requirements for purchasing.

  • Pricelists and Promotions – Do you offer different price structures or special promotions? We have a host of options available to help you categorize and control your offers.

  • Full reports – Clarity on performance is imperative to all businesses. Our reporting functionality is designed to help you review your company data based on promotions, product sales and customer sales.

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We are loving KCC! Support have been great when we get stuck. We’re working more efficiently and have clear sight of our stock control and order process
Chris Barlow
MD, Modish Living

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Why should I use Khaos Control Cloud?

Khaos Control Cloud is a cloud-based stock control software solution. It is also known as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution and by using it you will be transforming your operations with increased efficiency, complete integration to a central platform with increased control and the ability to scale your businesses resulting in rapid growth.

Effective stock control software can transform a business. Having a clear understanding of what stock is available, what is on order from suppliers and what needs generating as a purchase order to replenish stock. Order Fulfillment is another big part of what we offer to ensure the correct stock is sent out on time, leaving your customers happy with your service.

There are, however, other aspects of your business that are equally important to encourage growth. Things such as CRM, return management, accounts, promotions and price lists. Your ability to do everything in one place makes a business much more efficient and profitable. No reliance on API connectors where it can be avoided. Real-time accuracy for sales orders created, stock allocated and order updates.

In Summary, Khaos Control Cloud boasts a simple and user friendly interface, a friendly training and support team to help you get up and running and a solution that secures your future as a business.

There a numerous advantages to using an ERP instead of a halfway house solution or worse, a spreadsheet! Book a demo and take your business to new heights with Khaos Control Cloud.

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