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Integrated Warehouse Automation

Robust Stock Control is at the heart of automating your warehouse processes.

From Pick / Pack / Despatch to Goods In, our cloud-based warehouse automation system / stock control puts you in control and ensures that you have the key data at your fingertips.

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Accurate stock control software allows you to focus on automating your processes and gaining the efficiency your business needs in order to grow successfully. Escape the danger and drudgery of relying on spreadsheets and other manual workarounds for your business and escape these scenarios:

  • Having to let customers down as you can't find the goods you've allowed them to order.

  • Wasting time and effort on manual stock counts and impromptu checks.

  • Working manually through every back order next time there's a delivery in order to ensure that you don't miss fulfilling any existing orders.

  • Capital tied up in product which would have been better spent on marketing and other growth activities.

  • Ad-hoc reordering leads to inflated costs, due to you having to shorten lead times from your suppliers

warehouse automation - what you have

Correctly catalogued stock might not be sexy. But it does make it much easier for you to run a profitable business. From differentiating between sizes, colours and styles, through to knowing that you’ve still got some of last year’s model in stock, understanding exactly what you’ve got is key to growing your business. It drives your decisions on pricing, marketing, purchasing and much more besides.

Our warehouse automation system ensures that you know what you’ve got and what you’re going to have at any time. No guessing. No assuming. No having to unpack umpteen boxes to find out whether the item you’re looking for is actually available. Just pull up the stock record and away you go.

warehouse automation - How Many You Have

Every decision you make in your business is underpinned by knowing how many items you – or your suppliers – have in stock. Only by knowing that can you make key decisions on purchasing, replenishment and marketing. Our mobile business system ensures that your stock figures are updated automatically as you process transactions from across your various channels in Khaos Control Cloud.

Automated warehouse software enables you to be proactive with your decision making, taking your business planning from the here and now, into a future of 1, 3 and even 5 year plans that enable you to plan strategically.

Where Your Goods Are

Very few businesses operate from a single location. You may be relying on suppliers and third parties, or you may have a whole host of shops, warehouses and other facilities yourself. Regardless, you need to be able to segregate your stock by site so that everyone in the business is clear on where your products are and what, as a result, they can promise to your customers.

Warehouse automation and efficiency underpin everything we do at Khaos Control Cloud. Try us today and experience the difference we can make to stock control in your business.

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